Jul 25, 2013

The Wild West

First stop Maddox Ranch House in Brigham City, Utah where the beef is raised outback and served in large portions, the parking lot is full and the log cabin interior screams down home cookin'. My mom and I shared a 12 oz New York Strip Steak served with squishy fresh rolls and corn pones (and raspberry butter!), soup or salad or seafood cocktail, your choice of potato (baked please!) and steamed vegetables. I don't like cooked carrots but I could eat bowl after bowl of these. And then a homemade rootbeer. Oh how I could take another one of those RIGHT NOW.
Then rolling rolling rolling, with our extra full tummies, through northern Utah to Idaho
We stopped for the night in Pocatello, Idaho. Oh darn, we missed the entertainment on July 14th: Midget Wrestling, seriously?!

Next Stop: Idaho Falls, Idaho. As my mom and I were getting out of the car a senior citizen dressed in red plaid sporting a gun holster was waving his handgun outside his truck. I threw my arm across my mom and said, "wait, do you see that guy with the gun".
My mom replied, "yes, I think I just heard him ask his wife 'do you think it's ok to take this in the store with me or should I leave it in the car?'" Well, he left it in his car, just laying on the front seat. After reluctantly following him into the store he turned to me with the broadest grandpa grin and a twinkle in his eye saying "did you see that crazy guy out there waving around the gun". Yep folks we're in Idaho. But not even a gun can over shadow the ice cream at Reed's Dairy. Again the cow's are outback. I had a softball sized small of a scoop of chocolate, oreo, marshmallow and peanut butter cup heaven called Mom's something or other. Sorry I can't remember. I would take another scoop right now, right along with the aforementioned root beer!
Then on to Rexburg, Idaho for a trip down memory lane. I spent my first 2 years of college here. So much has changed (see left) and so much has stayed the same.
Last Stop: Twin Falls, Idaho. I've been looking for a potato ricer with zero success, because I refused to pay $40 for the only option available at a certain store. Well at Rudy's they had 3 options--bonus. And my favorite was the most economical $14 option--double bonus.
Twin Falls has a wee bit of shopping and some spectacular scenery. Even in the middle of summer when the water level is low the views of Shoshone falls are breathtaking.

Jul 15, 2013

A Bathroom Makeover

An update from Lehi UT a couple more trips up my sleeve, traveling withdrawals, my iPad working overtime as Meg's escape from her brothers, road trips, gelato making, a lot of unknowns, my new favorite painting gadget discovered while working on a show stopping (if I say so myself) bathroom redo and about that bathroom redo . . . my sister Christy and I worked our magic. Ok it was mostly Christy. I offered my consultation services and provided some manual labor. You can see all the pics here House of Normandy