A short time ago the voice in my head saying, "it's a bigger risk not to go on the adventure of a lifetime," became the loudest. So I listened, indulging in a year of travel.

From the big trips across the ocean to the new restaurant down the street, exploring surrounds me with joy, life lessons and eye widening experiences .

Meet Me In pictures, destinations, recipes, food treasures, local discoveries, DIY and lessons as I share these adventures.


  1. I like your blog already; I can't wait to read more as you progress in your journey. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Adrian! I will be sure to post about my German folk dancing attempt as well ;)

    2. Real nice picture of you in the Welcome box. Watch out Europe!!

      I just got on board your blog today. I had misplaced your blog address on that tiny little card you gave us (really). I looked everywhere for it and finally found it while I was looking for something else. I can't believe you already went to Paris!! I thought you were going to do Paris in April... I was going to be your date there. I think you should go back to the most beautiful city in Europe :)

      You look like you are having fun, got a lot of catching up to do with all of your older posts. Thanks for all the cool pictures.