Dec 31, 2013

An Ode to 2013

It all started with a dream to travel the world
Quit my job and explore
December thirty first two thousand twelve
For one-fourth of the year in Europe I roamed

Czech Republic Sweden France Italy
Slovakia Switzerland two times Germany

Norway Denmark Luxembourg Scotland
Netherlands Austria Belgium England

Wanderlust clinging growing
I itch and scratch
Job free, three hundred sixty five days
Not the original plan, not complaining

Utah Hawaii DC Virginia
Colorado New York Idaho California

Snowshoes to snorkeling and two pierced ears, pain
Just a little, chocolate, gelato in the US not the same

Nine one-way flights, five round trips, my favorite mode oftravel
Feet and Train
One pair of boots carried me through
Resoled battered I sure wish they had drains

Black, houndstooth, plaid umbrellas
Silver and polka dots the latter the good fella

How many days ‘til the money runs out
hmmm, that’s no fun, let’s not count

The people the experiences precious time with: Christmassisters
College roommates
Supportive Family, Friends priceless.
My nieces and nephews in all their cuteness are the realhipsters

December thirty first I sit on a Seattle bound plane
What a beautiful year twenty thirteen

Dec 18, 2013

Sweets for Christmas

For the record I'm not a lover of cupcakes but when a cupcake is splendifurous I am in love.

The formula for a Perfect Cupcake =not too sugary butter cream frosting (no shortening-esque icing, bleck)+moist crumb+the right cake to frosting ratio+flavors that taste like the advertised flavor

With all locations being at least 2 states away Sprinkles is a day dream (do you hear that Sprinkles, just bring one to Denver already!) BUT, next week I will be in close proximity to my second love: Sweet Tooth Fairy