Mar 22, 2014

obložené chlebícky

Obložené Chlebícky are artful open-faced sandwiches. As our food tour guides Zuzi and Karolina said: the Czech version of fast food. Sorry I can't help with the pronunciation. Below are a caseful of these beauties at a deli in Prague. It's a fuzzy shot, but you get a hint of the variety and creativity available in these little sandwiches.

Mar 7, 2014

Swedish Inspired DIY

My friend and roomie, Amy, has great style mixed with cool mid-century pieces (see that teak coffee table). 

Looking for art to go above her sofa she hasn't found a pricey piece she is willing to commit to quite yet. So we devised a solution. To Amy's credit 2 cute pillows are missing from the "before" shot.