Feb 12, 2014

Best Quote of the Year (and a winner)

Is it Sexy Spaghetti night?

That's what the checker asked me at Target after I put these 3 items on the conveyer belt. My only purchases, I promise. Since then, I've burst into numerous spontaneous fits of laughter, by myself, tears rolling down my cheeks and everything. Sexy? Bwah! That cheddar cheese went into a very oniony quiche. Ooh la la. That Parmesan will soon be going to a friend in central asia that has no access to any Parmesan cheese. If I was going for sexy I would have bought a chunk of the real stuff at whole foods. Long shelf life--alluring for some I suppose. Now those knee highs, they just scream "come and get 'em boys!" I'm sure that's what the TSA screeners will be thinking as I pull off my boots to reveal Foxy Brown polished toenails under suntan hosiery. . . NOT. . . (my legs do much better on long flights if I wear compression/support hose*) It's so funny, my life is the opposite of sexy. I'll be on an airplane by myself tomorrow and then I'll be spending Valentine's day on another airplane with some girlfriends, heck I don't think we are even sitting next to each other. So tell me, is cheddar cheese some secret Italian aphrodisiac? If so, here's a scoop: It's on sale at Target RIGHT NOW!

And, the moment you've all been waiting for
Rachel you are the winner of the Envirosax. 
There's one sexy bag headed your way!

*I just found some compression socks that look like plain old black socks--Thanks REI--although the TSA screeners don't know what they're missing.