Dec 18, 2013

Sweets for Christmas

For the record I'm not a lover of cupcakes but when a cupcake is splendifurous I am in love.

The formula for a Perfect Cupcake =not too sugary butter cream frosting (no shortening-esque icing, bleck)+moist crumb+the right cake to frosting ratio+flavors that taste like the advertised flavor

With all locations being at least 2 states away Sprinkles is a day dream (do you hear that Sprinkles, just bring one to Denver already!) BUT, next week I will be in close proximity to my second love: Sweet Tooth Fairy

With monthly flavors like Strawberries and Cream (sorry folks that's a summer flavor) and Carmel Apple Cider you can bet I will make a stop when I'm in Utah for Christmas next week. Judging by the look of boyish wonder on my brother's face--is that drool I see?--I don't think he'll mind going back with me.

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