Feb 12, 2014

Best Quote of the Year (and a winner)

Is it Sexy Spaghetti night?

That's what the checker asked me at Target after I put these 3 items on the conveyer belt. My only purchases, I promise. Since then, I've burst into numerous spontaneous fits of laughter, by myself, tears rolling down my cheeks and everything. Sexy? Bwah! That cheddar cheese went into a very oniony quiche. Ooh la la. That Parmesan will soon be going to a friend in central asia that has no access to any Parmesan cheese. If I was going for sexy I would have bought a chunk of the real stuff at whole foods. Long shelf life--alluring for some I suppose. Now those knee highs, they just scream "come and get 'em boys!" I'm sure that's what the TSA screeners will be thinking as I pull off my boots to reveal Foxy Brown polished toenails under suntan hosiery. . . NOT. . . (my legs do much better on long flights if I wear compression/support hose*) It's so funny, my life is the opposite of sexy. I'll be on an airplane by myself tomorrow and then I'll be spending Valentine's day on another airplane with some girlfriends, heck I don't think we are even sitting next to each other. So tell me, is cheddar cheese some secret Italian aphrodisiac? If so, here's a scoop: It's on sale at Target RIGHT NOW!

And, the moment you've all been waiting for
Rachel you are the winner of the Envirosax. 
There's one sexy bag headed your way!

*I just found some compression socks that look like plain old black socks--Thanks REI--although the TSA screeners don't know what they're missing.


  1. Replies
    1. Tawnya, it was supposed to be Israel, but it just wasn't in the stars, or the weather forecast for the east coast.

  2. Yes, where? And I won! This has made my morning. Have a sexy time on your trip!

  3. My favorite checker at Target calls me "baby" over and over. As in, "Is it sexy spaghetti night, baby?"

  4. Oh no! I am laughing so hard!! I mean, MAYBE, if you got some knee-highs with a little pattern, or fishnet knee-highs...I could see possibly see a little sexy in it. But for those of us who wear knee-highs on a regular basis (pretty much every work day for me), nothing is LESS sexy then standing there in knee highs with no pants on. They look ridiculous! But not so ridiculous that I think of wearing full pantyhose under pants. And...P.S. I hate it...HATE it...when checkers make comments about what I'm buying. Thank goodness for self checkout!!

    1. I'm so glad someone else was laughing as hard as I was. Believe it or not I actually wear full hosiery under pants to avoid the whole line around the calf that lasts for hours.