Jan 29, 2014

My #1 Travel Accessory (and giveaway)

Behold the Envirosax. During my 3 months in Europe, subsequent trips and day to day errands she has been my best friend, life saver, and never go anywhere without it gadget. She's made out of super strong material. Is lightweight. When rolled up is self contained fitting in the palm of your hand (no extra storage bag needed--that will quite frankly get lost anyway). And as if that's not enough, here are a few more benefits . . . 

Carry-on There she is in action, (we'll call her "E") enjoying her very own seat in an empty first class train room somewhere in Europe. Although my real suitcase was just above my head, having "E" filled with goodies during multi-hour train rides was a life saver. Contents: journaling supplies, snacks!, train map and timetable (gotta plan the next leg), iPad, important documents (sometimes my suitcase was stored at the other end of the train-car so the important stuff stayed with me), hat/gloves/scarf.

Picnic Blanket Here in the Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland "E" protected my bum from the muddy grass as I ate my Birthday cupcake.

Budget Saver Almost everywhere in Europe you'll pay an extra charge for a shopping bag. Here in Prague I have "E" over my right shoulder full of groceries which leaves my other hand free to carry home my carefully packaged pastries.

Always there when you need her storage You never know when you will fall in love with a souvenir--or 2 pound apple strudel--with no plans to return to your hotel for hours. Here in Vienna, Austria "E" made toting that load much easier.

Lap Mat On the train leaving Basel Switzerland headed to Luxembourg I'm pretty sure I ate almost that entire box of chocolate. To hide the evidence (or prevent chocolate stained clothes) you can barely see the black and cream pattern of "E" peeking out below the table on my lap. She has saved me from many a spill.

Oh, and a side-note about that train ride

The Strategy: to stop in a city in
Switzerland, with a Sprungli chocolate store with a layover between trains long enough to buy one more batch of chocolates. Outside Switzerland this chocolate is sold only in Dubai or online.

How: Depart Mandello del Lario, Italy very, very early in the morning. So early I forgot to pack extra snacks. Change trains 3 times. Arrive in Luxembourg very late.

1st in Milan, Italy (may have bought a few souvenirs here, you know "E" carried those for me).

Entranced by the view of Lake Lugano (I think) from my train window.

Then by the Alps in Switzerland. I exit the train in Basel, Switzerland in a food and sleep deprived state on the hunt for Sprungli Confisserie. Success! I make my purchases, gather up my treasured confections, stuff them in "E" and walk out to the train terminal. As I stand studying the electronic sign, realizing I have to cross over to the French side of the train station I sense something is amiss. I have my purse, I have "E". Oh! my! gosh! I don't have my suitcase! I run back to Sprungli, and there's my black roller bag hanging out next to the chocolate case. Phew! guess I'm not the only one who will miss this chocolate.

So then I make the trek to the french side of the train station which is dirty and antiquated, a stark contrast to the sleek modernized halls of the Swiss side. I board the train to Thionville, France.

There is ruckus between the train conductor and a stowaway. The air conditioner is broken or nonexistent, so I had to eat the chocolates before they melted.  And here's the view from near my seat.

Then from Thionville to Luxembourg to meet up with Amy and Jen.

Back to "E" benefits . . .
Tripod-kinda A doohickey for your camera to sit on so you can take a group selfie with Katie in Vienna, Austria.

Just one more example of the Lap Mat (see bottom right corner).

Concert buddy "E" transported the blankets and snacks to my first concert at Red Rocks Ampitheater in Colorado.

Giveaway: If you also would like your very own "E" take a look at the Envirosax website and share your favorite design in the comments on this blog by Monday, February 3rd. One of you will be selected to receive your very own "E" as a Thank You for reading my blog.


  1. Look at you miss giveaway! What a fancy little bag there and so versatile. Well I love the Sunkissed Bag 3. Which was hard to choose because they are all so cute.

  2. Ooh, I love a giveaway -- and I love this post even more! Good memories for sure. I remember being very jealous of and grateful for your bag as you carried our gigantic pastries all over Vienna. Wanderlust Bag 2 would be my pick. I still think you need to come for another visit our way!

  3. Well, it looks like so far a Knecht is going to win this bag. I love the Rolling Stone Bag 1 but it was a tough call. Leave it to you to have such a cute giveaway.

  4. I love my Baggus, but they don't self fold! I love this one when you showed it to me and want to try one. The Rolling Stone (either 1,2 or 4) is gorgeous.

  5. Those chocolates were soooo good. I still love that you traveled all day out of your way to stop in Switzerland to pick up chocolate before meeting us in Luxembourg.

  6. Oooh fun! It's funny too because I've been looking for a good multi-purpose bag like this that I can throw in my purse just in case. Just in case I need to pick up 20 pounds of chocolate on my way home!! I like Sunkissed 5.